Collaboration & Portals

Boost Productivity through Collaboration

Effective online collaboration is essential for any modern business, as more and more aspects of our lives get transformed digitally. Enabling effective communication in today’s complex business environments is a challenge that many businesses need to solve to boost productivity.

We can help you tailor a collaboration solution based on world-leading enterprise tools and platforms. We have years of experience working with multi-national clients – connecting teams across departments, countries and time zones.

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Collaboration Assessment

If you are considering a collaboration and portal solution – then we can help you assess your organizational readiness for integrating digital collaboration tools and web portal access.

Office 365 Deployment

We offer you strategic insight and technical expertise for integrating Office 365 across your entire organization. Simplify your licensing and subscription costs.

SharePoint on IaaS

SharePoint requires significant infrastructure investment. We can help you mitigate or eliminate your infrastructure concerns which would allow your organisation to grow quickly.

Enterprise Search

The average organisation may use thousands if not millions of document and files. We help you provide a company-wide solution to simplify finding and organising all your files.

Responsive Design for SharePoint

Bring SharePoint into the world of mobile. By adding responsive design to your SharePoint solution, you will be able to access your collaboration solutions at all times and on the move.

Adoption Strategy

We help you figure out the optimal adoption strategy for integrating digital collaboration and web portal access solutions. This includes seasoned guidance and assistance every step of the way.