Unlock your data with connected devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers tremendous insights and benefits, to organisations willing to harness its full potential.

Some of the things you can do with IoT include advanced customer behaviour analysis, such as monitoring foot traffic and the popularity of your venue spaces. You can also provide your customers with targeted offers based on their actions within your venue.

Another thing you can do is deploy a preventative maintenance solution. This increases safety while lowering maintenance costs, through continuous monitoring and analysis of key factors. Once a threshold is reached, you are automatically alerted of the issue.

IoT solutions are particularly beneficial to retail, real-estate, and petroleum industries, seeking to harness the latest of what technology has to offer.

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If you are considering tapping into Internet of Things – then we can help you assess organizational readiness for an IoT solution.

IoT Strategy

We can help you create a complete IoT strategy for your organization, so you can begin implementing IoT technology as quickly as possible.

IoT Deployment (iBeacon & Eddystone)

We offer experienced guidance for deploying IoT solutions for your organization. This includes end-to-end support from planning to final execution.

IoT Management (Azure)

Running your IoT solution requires a lot of data storage, processing, and analysis. We can help you take care of the infrastructure requirements using Microsoft Azure services.

IoT Customer Analytics

If you are looking for deeper insights into your customer’s behaviour and trends at your venues or stores – we can help you build a customer analytics solution powered by IoT.

IoT Predictive Analytics

If you are looking to improve safety while lowering maintenance costs – we can help you build a preventative maintenance solution powered by IoT.