The right approach and strategy are key success factors in any technological proposition – whether making a small improvement or disrupting an entire industry.

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click here We have the expertise and experience to make your ideas a success – whether you are a start-up wanting to change the world, or an enterprise seeking the latest cutting edge technologies.

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We help you develop and validate your technological proposition. You have the idea, but how will you build it, and how will it function in the real world? We help you answer these key questions.

We have successfully applied our methodology with businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. This means we have the experience in turning your dreams into a reality.

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Now that you have a great idea and you are sure that it will work, how will you build it? Our highly skilled architects and experts can guide you in the right direction, offering tips and advice each step of the way.

We use the latest industry best practices and market-tested methods, to help you design and test an architectural approach that will help you meet your business goals and overall strategy. Start-Up Advisory

As a former start-up, we truly understand how challenging it can be to succeed in a highly competitive market. We can help you accelerate your growth, by using our tried and tested methodology for success.

We provide advice and guidance for all the important stages in your IT journey – such as where to setup your development centre, who to outsource to, how to validate the product feasibility, how to follow the lean model – and of course how to build, market and sell your product in the right way.

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You have the idea, you are sure it will work, and you know how to build it – but what if you can make it even better? Our technology assessment will help you answer that question.

Many solutions can be greatly improved by incorporating certain key technologies from the very beginning. This helps ensure that the best available technologies are used when appropriate.

We help you assess whether you can benefit from incorporating IoT, cloud, and/or analytics technologies into your organisation. This helps you understand your current technological readiness, and defines your future roadmap for adopting the latest available technologies.