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viagra online org uk BenefitFlex enables insurers, brokers, and employers to offer custom voluntary benefits schemes to their clients / employees. Voluntary schemes offer more flexibility as employees can upgrade, downgrade, purchase top-up additional products based on their lifestyles and specific needs. The entire enrolment and administration process can also be streamlined and automated, according to your precise requirements. Our solution improves communication, allows tracking of compensation and benefits, while better engaging and empowering your clients / employees.


Automated Email notifications

You can schedule reminder email notification to inform your employees of the start and/or end of the enrollment period and claim periods which ensures that your employees are not missing out.

Benefits Information

The BenefitFlex portal makes benefits information accessible and readily available to assist your employees in making informed decisions for their employee benefits schemes.

Custom Look and Feel

You can customize the branding, logo and portal look and feel to meet your requirements and needs. We help you to offer your employees a truly personalised experience.

Health Fund Account Claims

BenefitFlex allows employees to register out-of-pocket claims which will be deducted from their Health Fund Account accordingly. Clear illustrations and graphics allow your employees to make informed decisions and view any payroll deductions (if any).

Benefits Statement

Benefits Statement clearly lists all the benefits and cost incurred for each benefit in the scheme for employee and any dependents. Gives an overall view of the scheme at a glance so you can see exactly what is included in your scheme and the breakdown of cost. You can download, review and print your statement at any time for your reference via the portal.

Enrollment Wizard

BenefitFlex provides a simple, easy, step-by-step enrolment wizard which allows employees to upgrade, downgrade or add additional packages to their employee benefits schemes for themselves and any dependents.


Enhanced Communication

As the portal offers automated email notifications this ensures that clients and employees are informed and updated throughout the enrolment and claims process.

Reinforced Branding

We can help you showcase your company vision and strategy as we offer customized portal branding to meet your needs.

Cost Savings

Employers offer benefits at a known cost that is fixed, regardless of the choices that employees make, which allows employers to cap future costs.

Tailored Schemes

Employees can customize their plan that meets their or their families' specific needs, rather than a standard company plan.

Improved Engagement

By offering a competitive benefits package to employees, employers can retain key personnel and attract new employees easily. Employees are given more control and involvement by having a choice leading to increased employee satisfaction.