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BenefitNet is a unique product that helps insurers, insurance brokers and employers administer and manage their employee benefits schemes for medical, life.

BenefitNet effectively automates complex workflows related to census, claims management and streamlines the relationship between clients, brokers and insurance providers.

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We help you gain real insights into how your business is performing. Using our holistic technology approach, we help you acquire and unlock your data, so you can gain a deeper understanding of your data easier and quicker to improve decision making.

Automated Email Notifications

Through each step of the census or claims process the client, broker, insurer and employee are updated via automated email notification.

Claims Management

Allows online submission and tracking of reimbursement claims and keeps all key parties informed throughout the reimbursement process via email notification.

Census Management

Automates time consuming and complex processes of employee benefits scheme administration of additions, deletions, movements, changes to member details to name a few.

Benefits Setup

Allows easy and simple setup of medical and life policies via a step-by-step process.



BenefitNet can be rolled out for your clients or your organization across multiple countries, multiple currencies or multiple languages. Dealing with complex client set-up or structures becomes simple.

Improved Satisfaction

Our system allows members, insurers and brokers to effectively and proactively communicate to each other which lead to enhanced satisfaction levels.

System Integration

By using our state of the art data exchange gateway, BenefitNet is capable of integrating with various other systems including client’s HR applications or core insurer systems.

Reports & Analytics

Clients can now access reports on a daily basis via BenefitNet and gain insight into member’s transactions and claims data. Our interactive dashboards and KPI’s gives brokers an overall, holistic view at a glance of the current business situation in real-time.

Multiple Policy Types

BenefitNet allows administration of multiple risk categories for each client such as medical and/or life and disability. There are no limits to the number of policies which can be created per client making policy set-up flexible to meet your client’s needs.

Medical Providers Information

We regularly update information on medical facilities and providers which allows members to easily find the best treatment facility within their direct settlement network.

Improved Efficiency

Use of an automated solution helps achieve efficiencies and increase productivity related to claim and other administration processes and leads to higher client satisfaction and cost savings for insurers, broker and TPAs.

Client & Member Self-Service

By leveraging self-service capabilities, clients can easily collect, maintain and manage their employee & dependents’ data. Clients & Members can also easily access policy information, tables of benefits and other key information related to their employee benefits schemes via our portal.

Modern Web Based Platform

Our solution is built using the latest state of the art technology and is accessible from anywhere using any standard browser or mobile device.



Third Party Administrators

  • TPA’s can reap the same benefits as insurance brokers with BenefitNet since claims information is easily accessible via the portal.
  • Analytics and reporting tools provided by BenefitNet gives TPA’s further insights into claims data which allows them to offer an enhanced, improved service to the client.

Self Insured Organisations

  • BenefitNet allows self insured organisations to easily manage, track and organise their employee benefits schemes in house.
  • Census and claims management are made easy with BenefitNet due to processes being automated allowing self insured organisation’s to achieve efficiencies and improved productivity.

Insurance Brokers

  • BenefitNet is ideal for brokers who aim to provide an enhanced customer experience for their employee benefits clients and focus more on value added services.
  • BenefitNet offers direct access to member census list across medical and life & disability policies, reimbursement claims data, premium reconciliation and other key analytical data which provides the client with a holistic view of their scheme leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Insurance Companies

  • Our solution supports insurers to roll out a cost effective online channel for administering group, SME and individual schemes. BenefitNet provides access of policy information, medical providers, reimbursement claims etc. to brokers, HR managers as well as individual members.
  • BenefitNet streamlines the employee benefits administration processes and allows insurers and brokers to effectively monitor and meet client service level agreements which lead to increased satisfaction levels and higher client retention rates.