Smart Quote

Automate your quote process

Smart Quote is an online insurance quotation tool that serves two purposes:

  1. Automate your internal quote process, so that all premium calculations are made in an instant. This automated quote will be based on your strict rules, policies, and product rate tables; while taking into consideration the customer history to ensure a profitable but fair price for insurance.
  2. Create an external self-service quote solution, which allows your agents, brokers, and customers to get an instant quote estimate directly from your app or website. This can be customized to meet your organizations branding requirements.

This is an ideal solution for insurance providers, who need a faster and more effective way to provide quotes for their insurance policies. The tool completely automates and streamlines the quotation process, so that customers, agents, and brokers can get accurate quotes quicker.

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Quotation Automation

Automating the quotation process gives you the ability to instantaneously calculate accurate insurance quotes quickly and easily. This takes the guesswork and manual computation away and reduces the errors.

Online Access for Staff, Brokers and Agents

Smart Quote allows insurers to grant access to an online self-service quotation process. Depending upon your internal policies the portal can be used by internal staff, external brokers and agents, or even your end customers.


You can analyze the performance of the online channel, and gain important inputs to structure your insurance marketing efforts.

Internal\External API

Smart Quote allows integration with your internal systems as well as external integration with 3rd party providers.

Configurable Quote Rules Engine

You can easily configure your quote engine to include a multitude of complex pricing rules.


Increased Efficiency

Automation increases efficiency and productivity by eliminating manual error prone processes. Self-service for brokers and agents saves time and costly administration leading to cost savings and improved efficiency.

Instant Online Access

The platform is available online around the clock not limiting your partners to business hours only.

Customer Profiling

Data from leads and customers are captured, which allows you to analyze product performance, and support product development decisions.

Increased Revenue Opportunity

Quotation automation allows you to reach external digital channels that can attract new customers, while upselling to existing customers.

Automation and Efficiency

Automation increases efficiency and eliminates manual error prone processes. Self-service for brokers and agents saves time and costly administration.