Teambase HR

source site Communication, Collaboration and Engagement Teambase HR is an administration tool or (HRMS) that will make managing staff, trade licences, holiday requests and more, quick and simple. Our user friendly interface with easy to use features will improve collaboration, communication and engagement across your entire organisation.

buy cheap viagra with mastercard Teambase HR helps to automate and streamline the HR function of your organisation which leads to increased efficiency and productivity. Our solution will help you to compete in today’s dynamic and fast paced market and allow you to grow and prosper.


Reports & Analytics

Teambase HR provides reporting and analytics tools on staff demographics, salary & benefits, time & attendance and more.

Automated Email Notifications

Staff receives automated email notifications to notify of approval/rejection of leave requests, letter requests, and promotions. Stay updated in real-time.

Alerts & Reminders

Receive alerts and reminders on staff birthdays, renewal of visa, medical insurance, trade licenses, and staff probationary periods.

Shared Company Calendar

Allows everyone to be on the same page and up to date with meetings, events, appointments, upcoming staff holidays all displayed and shared with the relevant staff across the company calendar.

Announcements & Company Events

Post company events and announcements with your staff which will be shared across your company dashboard and shared company calendar.

Document Management

Allows you to upload and track versions of company documents such as company mission statements, employee policies & records, labour laws, employee benefits etc. and can be configured on role based access so only the people you want to have access to these documents will be given these privileges.

Staff Management

Each member of staff from Employees to HR to CEO have a profile or personal dashboard detailing their basic information, requests and notifications feed and features such as record sick leave, leave request, letter request and much more. HR can manage and organize promotions, disciplinary action, transfer employee to sub office, and employee history to name a few. Managing your staff has never been easier.

Organisational Chart

Teambase HR creates your organizational chart automatically for you based on the hierarchy you configure when adding your departments, employees, managers etc. Organisational chart can be viewed in employee mode (staff hierarchy) or company mode which displays departments and staff hierarchy accordingly grouped by department.


Increased Communication

Announcements, alerts, request tracking, notifications and company shared calendar which are all key features of Teambase HR overall improve communication across your entire organization.

Flexible Role Based User Access

Teambase HR offers flexible, customizable role based user access so you can give permissions and access based on various roles that you create such as HR Manager, Junior HR Manager, CEO, CTO, Operations Manager etc and configure the modules that you wish to grant access.

Document Expiry Tracker

Never miss the renewal of your trade licence, company insurance policy, office lease, and any registration or certifications again. Teambase HR tracks the expiry date of all of these with colour coded service level agreements (red, amber, green) and alerts to remind you to take action.

Save Time & Quicker Responses

Time is precious so, why waste it. HR Managers can save time on cumbersome manual tasks as processes are now automated and can be simply approved or rejected by the click of a button which also reduces the response time. Employees can quickly submit & track requests online as opposed to completing paper forms, submitting to the HR department in person or via email all of which are time consuming.

Analysis & Planning

Access to our real-time reports and analytics will give you key insights into your organizational data which supports decision making, allows you to spot trends and make predictions. We help you plan for the future such as projecting future staff requirements of your organization and support planning and development of your existing personnel.

Enhanced Engagement & Collaboration

Collaboration and engagement of staff is enhanced as your team feel more involved which leads to more satisfied employees and a happier work environment.

Improved Efficiency & Productivity

Teambase HR helps to automate processes and time consuming tasks which lead to efficiencies and increased productivity. Your staff can now focus their time and efforts on what really matters.